Men's training vest

Men's training vest

  • Men's training vest
  • Men's training vest
  • Men's training vest

Men's training vest

Price 104,90 €

Men's training vest differs from Women's V-training vest in the following parts:
The overall vest is longer and the shoulders are wider.
The neckline, armholes and all pockets are bigger. The model is straightforward.



The cover textile is made of Swedish high-technology FOV waterproof, breathable and light micro fabric. Lining is made of breathable mesh fabric with a breast pocket. The vest has reflective details at upper front/back and on lower pockets.

Two big pockets in front for rewards/treats and one big pocket behind. In front also two zipper breast pockets and D-links. Rubber waistband. Double lock zipper which opens both ways up and down.

Select color and size!
Note that the sizing is generous, check your own size from the table. The measure after the character sizes stands for the bust measure on the vest. Measure your bust, add approx. 15-23 cm and select the most suitable size.
Finnish handicraft and design.

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